Boris Toupee/ Men Wig 100% Human hair

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Boris Toupee

Our hair system has a nice Monobase with a 1” PU circumference. The fine mono is both comfortable and natural, while the PU circumference provides durability and makes the system easier to remove and clean. Simple knots on PU and finely welded lace front give a very natural look while the rest of the system has double knots for increased durability. The front of the system has bleached knots for an invisible hairline. The features have 5-6 ”human hair with medium density. We only offer this base in five sizes. For custom orders, we can change this toupee design to suit customers' exact requirements.  
Base size: 6 "x8", 6 "x9", 7 "x9", 7 "x10", 8 "x10"
Basic design: Fine mono with 1 "PU circumference and 1" finely welded lace front
Hair type: 100% Indian human hair
Hair length: 5- 6"
Hair density: 120% medium density
Hair curl/wave: 32 mm light wave
Hair color: #613 (Pure Blonde)
Hair direction: Free style

Fine mono has good breathability and durability. PU circumference makes it easy to attach and clean. 1” Finely welded lace front with bleached knots gives this rooster for human hair an undetectable hairline.

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